New Blog Title

I love walking whether it’s on the beach, a country road, or a trail in the mountains; so I changed the title of my blog from Swampstompin’ Tales to the title you see up above.   It encompasses my favorite discoveries while walking that never fail to put a smile on my face.  I tried to post the subtitle ‘A walker’s Tales from the Trails’ but cannot get it to appear.  It shows that it’s saved on settings, but doesn’t appear under the title.  Oh well, the sun is shining after a 24 hour hiatus, so I’d rather take a walk on the beach rather than stress over it.  Have a happy day!

What a Day

I saw this heart shaped broken shell lying in the sand on a sunset walk, a perfect find for Valentine’s Day!


Tornado warnings, thunderstorms, and windy beach walks,

Movie theater, restaurant, coffee and beignets,

Worry, laughter, smiles and full tummies,

Grateful-my husband and I had a memorable day!

Barefoot in the Fog

My day was a circle story, starting out and ending with a barefoot walk in the fog.

I woke up to a very dense, foggy morning, but that did not stop me from taking my morning barefoot stroll in the surf with my ‘cuppa joe’.


Just me and the fog and a few seagulls makes for a peaceful, meditative way to start the day.  I spent a wonderful day barefoot on the beach walking, fishing, and sitting with my feet buried in the warm sand.

A sunset stroll in the surf is a perfect way to end the day, too.  It was not as foggy as this morning but misty enough to get my hair damp.  I was treated to this beautiful pink glow from the setting sun…no picture tweaking with color.


Being barefoot makes me feel like a kid…and that’s always a good thing, right?

Beach to Barn

This morning my friend and I talked while I was walking on the beach,


and she was in the barn feeding her animals (this isn’t her barn but a good one for this post).


We enjoyed chatting and catching up, as we always do along with sharing weather stories.  She was freezing cold while I was sweating from the humidity.  As we said our goodbyes, I told her to ‘make some waves’ today,


and she told me to raise a ruckus.


So in the words from two fine people, go out there and make some waves or raise a ruckus!

Be feisty, my friend.

Kayak Trek

It was a beautiful day with minimal wind-perfect for kayaking across a large body of water.


My husband and I have been kayaking before up a small, calm river.  Today, we went kayaking in a bay for the first time in tandem kayaks.   Naturally, a boat went zipping through the channel just before we began to cross and that meant waves.  Pointed toward the waves, we did fine bobbing up and down with the swells and then we got out of sync-our boat went down and a big swell went up and over the bow right into my lap!  The water was cold, so my first instinct was to jump, but I resisted with great restraint not wanting to rock the boat and end up overboard in the water.  After that, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing, I mean paddling.


For our first time out on the open water, we did really well…in spite of that swell.