Beach Treasures

Sunrise this morning lit the world up pink.


One of my favorite things to do is take long walks on the beach, like 4-5 miles.   Today I set out for a long speed walk, wanting to get my 4 miles in as fast as I could so I could fish with my husband.  It’s a great time for meditation and reflection.  I often start out in prayer but before I can get to amen my mind has gone on a journey from one wonderful memory  to another and another and another.  Then I feel guilty that I drifted from my initial prayer…or did I?

Now this is the really interesting thing.  Every time I was deep in thought about someone-poof!  I’d almost step on a really cool, unusual shell.  I found so many neat shells on my walk today that my pockets and both of my hands were full.  I found a colorful moon snail, a few lightning whelks, 2 small conchs and one larger one that was not in too great of shape.  I’m thinking of gifting each person the shell I found when I was thinking of them.  🙂


When I was thinking about my husband I found one lightning whelk that was in excellent condition with its little curly horns that easily break off when it starts tumbling around in the surf.


While I have seashell treasures from my walk, I think my greater treasures were the memories and people I thought of…a great slice of my day.

***On a side note*** I finally caught a fish after 4 days of fishing with nary a nibble…it was a sand trout that will soon be on my dinner plate.



  1. These are such beautiful shells! I wonder where you live that you get to do this on a daily basis! And I love that you pray for people when you walk. Such a gift!

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