Beach Morning Walk

I woke up at 7, was out the door by 7:15, and just got back in at 8:15.  I went out to the beach with a cup of coffee in hand to welcome the start of a special day and was treated with a ‘Crowning Glory’ sunrise.  Good morning!


Today is off to a warm, sunny start.  The tide is low which left a huge expanse of beach to wander.  And I found a unique shell…lucky me!   Check out this scallop fused with part of an oyster shell.  Lots of symbolism there.


Further down the beach I was thinking about this special day, my son’s birthday when I looked up and saw these four so I took a picture to tell him I enlisted their help in wishing him a happy birthday but only one was willing to participate.


The simple pleasures that give me joy…living in my ‘Winter Texan’flip flop world.


Any other Winter Texans out there???



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