Winter Flight


Migration is not just for the birds, though I salute them for the idea.  While they travel in search of food, I travel in search of warmer temperatures when Old Man Winter makes his appearance.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a good snowfall and cold air for about 2-3 days and then I am ready to flee southward.   Seagulls are the lucky ones that don’t have to take flight.

We arrived to start the new year off walking in the sand and surf.  I’ve taken two long beach walks and have already started my treasure trove with a huge moon snail perfectly intact without a hermit crab in residence, a whole sand dollar, and my first piece of green sea glass for my start up collection.

I’m sitting here on the beach close enough to the waves that the most ambitious ones roll up the beach and swirl around my feet.  And if I lean back in my chair at that moment when the chair starts to settle, I end up in a comfortable Adirondack reclined position.  It’s  a perfect beach day.  The air is warm 70’s and the water is still comfortable for barefoot walking, so people are out in mass fishing, strolling, shell collecting, sunbathing (the young ones) and playing at the water’s edge.

My mind drifts and wanders back to my teaching days.  It was always my goal to  have all of my students enjoy writing (of which I worked very hard) and my dream that they would be lifelong writers.  A former student found me on Facebook to tell me she fell in love with writing all the way back in my third grade class and that she has just published her first book.  Long pause…as I stare out to sea and let my mind drift…it warmed my heart when she told me her great news…almost enough to melt that midwest snow.  🙂

I love writing outside in my journal and am thankful that I’ll get to spend some of the winter writing at the water’s edge sitting in the warmth of the sun, sharing the beach with my feathered friends.




  1. Your post makes me wish for a little beach time. I could feel the sunshine, hear the waves, and see the seashells waiting to be discovered. How wonderful to have these days to enjoy the warmth — and write. I think migration is a smart idea. ;o)


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