Winter-land Bliss


Old Man Winter swooped into the Midwest with all of his fury.  If folks didn’t get ice and snow, they were still hit with single digit temperatures for a couple of days.  And in those 2 days I did not set foot outside.  No sirree.  I hunkered down inside my warm, toasty house with a crackling fire.  On Sunday I spent the entire day baking sugar cookies, candy, homemade whole wheat bread, and a blueberry pie, while a pot of homemade stew simmered on the back burner.  The house smelled wonderful, my husband was in Seventh Heaven, and I enjoyed every minute, because I love to bake.  On Monday I sewed all day making apron gifts from men’s shirts.  I enjoyed sewing while a pot of vegetable soup simmered on the stove, again making the house smell wonderful.

By the third day, the sun was shining and the mercury was rising into the 20s, so it was out the door for me.   I was giddy when we drove into town and saw this owl sitting on a fence post.  I had my camera with me but we drove by so fast I did not have the time to snap a photo.  When we returned this guy was still roosting and I took a distant photo.  But when we stopped the truck, he felt threatened and flew off.  It didn’t matter because I love owls and felt my day was blessed just for seeing one.


Later I looked out my kitchen window and saw this hawk literally jumping up and down on the ground.   I snapped the picture through the window and screen knowing that if I opened the door he would take off…and he did.


After 2-3 days of all the critters burrowing in from the Arctic temperatures, I think my feathered friends were on the hunt for a tasty meal of field mice.  I bundled up and took a long walk in the afternoon in search of other animals enjoying the day and found the horses, dogs and birds all seemed more frisky and playful.   My 2 days of being snuggled in from the elements were perfect and that will take care of me for the rest of the season, thank you Mr. Winter, even if your cold air does produce some really neat ice crystals.




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