We live on a gravel road out in the country and collect a lot of dust on our vehicles.  It almost seems futile to wash the vehicles, but on occasion we do.  Well, actually we wash the cars more frequently than the farm truck, so it is always dusty.  And because it is so dusty, I frequently draw pictures or smiley faces and write catchy phrases in the dust and dirt.  It’s fun.

But the real fun is when my grand kids visit.  They now use the truck as their own personal easel.  Most of the time they will write their name in the dust, but occasionally one of them will draw a picture.  The biggest surprise is when I unexpectedly find their art a day or more after they leave.   When it starts to get covered over with dust, I just retrace their art work to keep it ever present.

My mom and sister came to visit for a couple of days and noticed a few drawings when they walked past the truck.  I told them how I love finding surprises from the grand kids after they leave.  We had a delightful visit and as I was hugging my sister goodbye she said, “I left you a surprise.”  🙂  After they left I looked at the truck and on the side of the door she had drawn a beach scene with a palm tree, full moon, curling waves and ‘Aloha’ written under her picture.  I love it and think of her daily-thankful she moved back home from Hawaii-a paradise but so far away.

While I can’t stand the gravel roads when I’m walking and people speed by leaving me in a cloud of dust, I love that dirt when it collects on my truck and beckons creative expressions.



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