Rise Up


From a beautiful moon rise last night to a colorful sunrise this morning, life is good.  Hey, anytime I get a good night’s sleep and wake up the next morning life is good, right?

And that is as far as I got with my writing this morning before I was called out to help my husband with a small pile of wooded debris that needed to be burned.  Little did I know that my title would foreshadow my day.  Living in the country without trash service, we recycle every single thing we can.  That leaves a minimum amount of trash which we burn whenever we have some dead branches that have fallen from trees or were pruned.


The small pile had almost burned down when an uninvited swirling, gusty guest blew in and laid the flames over in all directions which ignited the grass around the fire area (we burn in an open field area).  Just as one section was tamped down, another flared up.  The fire spread quickly with the wind, blowing it directly into a huge brush pile we had not intended to burn until conditions were prime (like after a good rain).  The brush pile went up in a flash and burned fast and furious and was just about burned down, when a gusty wind came along again pushing the flames into a small section of fox tail grass under some cedar trees.  Cedar trees ignite like gasoline, exploding into flames.  There is only a half an acre between the cedars and my house, so imagine my fear…and worry that the fire department would not arrive in time.  (I’m getting too old for this kind of stress!)

But they did.  They arrived just as the flames were ready to engulf the cedars and got the fire put out.  As we watched for hot spots, we were able to talk with the firemen…volunteers.  As they were packing up to leave, another field fire call came across the radio and they were off.  That evening, they posted a ‘burn ban’ on our local Facebook page.

I stand humbly before every volunteer willing to serve their community with dedication and enthusiasm.   Thank you! 🙂



  1. Those whose lives and homes have been threatened by fire have a permanent and special place in their hearts for volunteer firefighters. God bless every one of them everywhere.


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