Whether it’s a solitary walk or a walk with a friend; whether it’s on a mountain path, a city trail, the beach, or a country road…I love to walk!  Walking gives me time to think, time to enjoy my surroundings, and time to dream.

Since I walked by myself this morning I absorbed the sights and sounds around me-  chirping crickets and insects, singing birds, honking geese.  Yes, this is the first day that I have seen the geese taking up their V formation and flying south, so I know this cold air is the real deal.  We have our firewood put up and I have all the ingredients for a hot pot of soup.

Just a happy little slice of my day.




  1. I have been loving my walks with my dog – Usually I listen to my book on my phone while I walk — but your slice reminds me of the walks when I don’t… and I just take in the beauty of the day. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Short and very sweet. A lovely snapshot of your day and your life, thanks for sharing it! Trees have a very spiritual ambience and it’s wonderful to absorb all the sights and sounds of a peaceful walk among them. ☺️

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