My Little Turkeys


When I was teaching, in good humor I’d sometimes refer to my students as my little bunch of turkeys.  They loved it because that was their cue to ‘gobble, gobble’ and then get quiet.

I carry my camera on my daily walks for that ever elusive cool picture.  With all of the summer rain and warm temperatures, Autumn has been slow in showing her colors, so I’ve been on extra alert looking for signs that she is moving in.  As I came around a curve, I came upon this group of turkeys crossing the road.  With turkeys, much like kids, you have about 3 seconds to discreetly observe them before they notice you and flee, halt, or suspend their behavior.

I love this picture because it takes me back to walking my class down the hall.  This is how my lines often looked with big gaps…and it never bothered me, because I was never a drill sergeant kind of teacher moving my class down the hall in perfect formation.  Because I’m a fast walker, I chose to get my class from Point A to Point B as fast as possible, spending as little time as possible in the hallway.  Since this is unlike most teachers, we practiced this at the beginning of the year so that I could literally get my class anywhere in the school in 2-3 minutes.  Plus, if one is moving quickly one has less time to chat, right?  So while we moved down the hall like turkeys on the run, we moved down the hall quietly…most of the time.  ‘Gobble, Gobble’.



  1. I love this! You sound like me–things like straight lines never bothered me either. Good teachers know themselves, and good teachers know their students.
    Great picture too. I know how hard it is to get a shot like that.


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