In a Nutshell

Six years after retirement, the teacher in me is still lurking in the vast recesses of my mind.   When I look at things in the world around me and want to turn something I see into a teachable moment, I know I was born to teach, or at least share with others, and that is never going to change.  It happened yesterday.

I was walking with my friend down the country road and she was picking up nuts to use for banana bread.  She picked up one with a little tiny, perfectly drilled hole in it and almost tossed it when she saw something move inside.


We stopped in the middle of the road and watched this nut for signs of life on the inside, and naturally because we were looking and waiting, nothing happened.  She handed it to me and said, “Here, write a story about it.”  I put it in my pocket and forgot about it until I got home where I tossed it on the workbench.  I started to walk away when I did a double take at a big, white blob sticking out of the hole in the shell.


I set the nut down in the grass and sat down with my camera and started watching.  This was our first real fall weather morning with temperatures in the very low 50s.  I think the worm had just moved into its new home and was doing some fall house cleaning getting ready for the cold winter ahead.


The worm would pull itself inside so that there was just a dark hole and then I’d see crumbs being pushed out the hole.  It would twist and turn pushing part of its body out of the hole, then flip around and push more crumbs out of the hole.  I sat amazed that I was watching this worm in action and instantly thought of James and the Giant Peach- the book not the movie- and realized Roald Dahl did a pretty good job writing a creative story about a worm.  🙂

I instinctively looked around for someone to share this with, but it was just me sitting in the middle of 30 acres without a soul in sight.  My husband wasn’t even home.  I decided to record the action to at least share with my grandchildren and as if on cue, the worm went into double time action and I got some great National Geographic style video.  Sadly,  I cannot upload the video because none of my videos will ever upload.  Perhaps  because I record in high definition-I really don’t know.

In a nutshell, it was a fun experience for my eyes only…and those are never as much fun as when they are shared…but wait, I found a way to share it after all.  🙂



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