So Long, Farewell


One of the earliest movie theater experiences I have is when my parents took me to see, ‘The Sound of Music’, when it first came to the movie theater, and it has been my  favorite movie ever since.  I love everything about the movie and the actors and am the Sound of Music aficionado in my family, so it was only natural that I introduce my grand children to the movie.  Unfortunately it was not in the movie theater but just in the comfort of my living room.  They loved it and ask to watch it when they come to visit.  Big smile.

So it goes without saying that whenever I hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, I think of the movie.  Whether I’m gasping “Climb…Every…Mountain” as I ascend the trail gaining elevation with every step, shout “The hills are alive” when I reach the mountain top, sing “Edelweiss” when I hike this alpine trail (photo) covered with alpine flowers up to the visitor center on Trail Ridge Road, or sing “I am 16 going on 17” to my husband as we are descending back down the trail, proud of my hiking accomplishment and feeling like I am 16 again.

The hills are still alive,  minus one sweet meadow lark,  Charmian Carr.


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