Kids Are Like Fish



Ever wonder why they say fish swim in schools?  I had to look that one up.  When a social group of fish gather in one spot its called shoaling and when they swim together in the same direction its called a school.  So I guess when I hit a fishing hole yesterday and pulled out 3 nice catfish it was from a shoal not a school.  That makes me think of this precious moment.

Yesterday was our last day to get on the river for the summer-the water is getting colder with each little cold front  After being on the river all summer, mostly with grand kids which means not much fishing, I finally got on the board on the last day at the last fishing hole.

When I was fishing our pond with my 4 year old grandson, we were having a lot of luck catching young bass and then they just quit biting.  He began asking all kinds of questions about fish and wondered why they quit biting.  I mentioned that after a few hits at a minnow on a hook, they start to get smarter about biting.  And then I began to explain that the fish swim in schools…and was about to say how they circle around the pond and they must be on the other side at the moment, when he cut me off and said, “Well I wish fish wouldn’t go to school and get smarter and just bite my minnow.”

Whether they gather in a shoal or move in a school, kids are like fish.  They can be stinky and smelly and slip right through your fingers.  They can be a lot of fun and fill your day with joy and laughter, putting the biggest smile on your face and make your heart grow ten times larger.  You just never know what to expect.   And that is what makes teaching…and fishing…SO  MUCH  FUN!



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