Lazy River Day

IMG_6407 (800x600).jpg

Nothing philosophical or intellectual in this slice.  Just some good old fashioned fun on the river today.  We paddled about 3/4 mile upstream and then worked our way slowly back downriver by pulling into shore and hanging out for awhile until we were ready to drift down a bit further.  My husband fished the entire day.  I fished a little, drew a couple of water color pictures, wrote a letter, floated in the current, and fished some more.

My husband caught some nice sized Small Mouth Bass and Channel Cats, and  I caught blue gills and bass too small to keep.  While I didn’t have any keepers, I wasn’t shut out.  And, I have a fish story to tell.  I was standing in the water and had cast downriver along the shore when I had a really HARD hit…and miss.  I was reeling in my minnow to recast, and just as I lifted it out of the water in front of me, a bass leaped out of the water at the minnow, missing the minnow and startling a scream out of me.

We were the only ones on the river today, but the butterflies were everywhere, fluttering around us all day.  This group was taking a lunch break, which gave me a chance to get pretty close to take this picture since this is my broken camera (no zoom).

IMG_6393 (800x600)

An enjoyable, relaxing day on the water is refreshing for the soul.



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