Bewitched by Butterflies

IMG_3570 (800x580)

I’ve spent all day thinking about a slice of life I wanted to write about.  Everything I thought of was a huge slice, so after narrowing my slice down more and more, I finally zoomed in on butterflies.  I feel bewitched and bedazzled by them as they seem to be prolific this summer and everywhere I go.

They got me thinking about that final stage in life…the retirement years, the aging with grace years, the enjoying grand children years, and the-I still want to be in the classroom so why don’t I sub again-years.  After a 3 year hiatus from subbing, I decided to get back on the sub list.  Last night I had the proverbial ‘back to school no discipline in the classroom’ nightmare.  I used to have it every year just before teaching, and was always thankful I never had a class as bad as my nightmares.  So I’m hoping that will be the case when I sub, too.

The butterfly up above must have been exhausted and in need of a good long rest before moving, because it did not budge when I stuck the camera up in its face to take a picture.  They are bold and beautiful and gracefully flit from flower to flower.  While I’m not after mating and laying eggs in this final stage of life, I am after spreading my wings just a wee bit more to bolster confidence, encourage reading, show that math is not insurmountable, and pass along some genuine, kind words.  When the teacher’s away, the kid’s won’t play…but will certainly have a happy day filled with learning…I hope!



  1. Oh, that nightmare! Like you, I never had a class to match the dream. And yes, I’ve had the nightmare even as a sub. Something tells me some teachers will be thrilled to have you as the sub of their dreams, with happy learning going on even when they’re gone.

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