Paint a Picture

How ironic that  I wrote about fields of sunflowers in Kansas and a couple of weeks later, we decided to find reprieve from the heat and headed to the Colorado mountains.  Again, I looked as we drove across Kansas, but no sunflowers.  It seems the crop of choice this year is corn.  I saw miles and miles of corn fields.

We came to the mountains for some hiking, biking, fishing and cooler air and have enjoyed it all, cramming as much as we can into one week.  We hiked Mohawk Lake and fished the upper and lower lakes, we biked from Keystone down and part way around Lake Dillon, and we have been fishing streams, rivers, and lakes looking for the elusive trout.  We’ve caught one worth eating.

Today is our last day and then it’s back to the heat and humidity of the midwest.  It also means back to our town’s annual fair, taking grand kids on the river to float and fish, my sister moving back home, and returning to my weekly art class with a few friends.  Since I missed the art class last week, I decided to bring my water color paints along for my own plein air painting.  But nothing I do compares with nature’s own canvas.  The wild flowers are in bloom at every turn of the head, mountain peaks rise up in every direction I look, and a cool breeze is always blowing my hair into my eyes.  My spirit is refreshed and I am ready to stand face to face with the heat that will greet me upon arriving home.

IMG_2889 (800x600)



  1. I am having a heat pump installed tomorrow. I am hoping it will give me some relief from the heat, although we have not had a very hot summer in the Pacific Northwest. Yet. I probably just jinxed us by mentioning it.

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  2. I’ve always heard about the beauty of the wildflowers in the Colorado mountains in the summer. How wonderful that you were there to see them. And while you have to return to heat and humidity, it sounds like there is a lot of family fun in your future too.

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