Blast from the Past

IMG_2771 (800x601)

Remember these?  This was my grandma’s carry on case when she would fly TWA to Florida every year.  When she got a new one she gave this one to me, which I just knew I would use once I was old enough to start flying, but by the time I took my first airplane trip, they were out dated.  I have never been able to part with it so I did the next best thing and stored letters in it.

IMG_2774 (800x589)

I love to write letters and I love to receive letters, and over the years I have collected hundreds.  The cleaning out of my closet came to a 2 hour halt as I sat on the floor browsing through these treasures.  I have letters from my boys’ college and military days, parents and grandparents, siblings and friends. and currently I’ve started adding letters from my daughter-in-laws and grand kids.  Letters of apology and thanks, of dreams and daily routines, of birth announcements and birthday wishes-wonderful memories!

My day of cleaning and purging took a twist.  There was no way I could find myself parting with all of this history so I did what any self respecting hoarder would do.  I pushed the letters back down into the case and snapped the lid closed.   My boys will have to deal with the past after I pass.



  1. This is such a treasure trove.My parents saved all the letters I wrote to them in 1982-83 when I was an exchange student in Denmark. Although I love the immediacy of email, I miss real letters.

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  2. We used to have one of these cosmetic cases (at least that’s what my parents called it) when we traveled as a family during my childhood. I’m not sure when my parents got rid of it (or if they did), but I know they don’t use it anymore.

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