Dragonflies and Black Eyed Susans

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For whatever crazy, non-existent reason, I cannot seem to make the post on Tuesday, and I cannot figure out when the cut off is, so I’m squeezing in under the radar this morning.

After an extended period of company in and out since mid-June, I am for once enjoying peace and quiet.  I know I’ll get bored with the ticking of the clock after awhile, but for now it’s soothing as I sit here and write this post.

Gracing my hot, humid walk this morning were dragonflies and Black-eyed Susans  And for whatever God-gifted reason, when I took my country road walk last night and this morning, there was an obscene decrease in the amount of traffic that drove past.  So much so, that at first it seemed Twilight Zone eerie.  But then, my thoughts drifted and I started noting the little things along the way and became absorbed just listening to the insects buzzing around and enjoying the summertime flowers in bloom (though, I did get tired of flies pinging me and buzzing around my head).

Alone with my thoughts as I walked, my mind drifted to this writing blog and how much I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts around the world learning about life in their neck of the woods (I had to throw in that country idiom) inside and out of the classroom.  I’m a retired teacher but after reading so many wonderful teaching stories, I’m thinking about getting on the sub list this fall just to get back in the classroom with the kids.

The talent and creativity out there amazes and inspires me with every story I read.  Thank you to all that share little slices and thanks to those who occasionally take a peek at mine, too.



  1. You noticed a lot.
    I am not retired yet, still have a few years to go. I don’t plan to sub (my district has contracted it out and it now pays $10 an hour), but I hope to find a way to continue writing and reading with kids.

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