Blast from the Past

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Remember these?  This was my grandma’s carry on case when she would fly TWA to Florida every year.  When she got a new one she gave this one to me, which I just knew I would use once I was old enough to start flying, but by the time I took my first airplane trip, they were out dated.  I have never been able to part with it so I did the next best thing and stored letters in it.

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I love to write letters and I love to receive letters, and over the years I have collected hundreds.  The cleaning out of my closet came to a 2 hour halt as I sat on the floor browsing through these treasures.  I have letters from my boys’ college and military days, parents and grandparents, siblings and friends. and currently I’ve started adding letters from my daughter-in-laws and grand kids.  Letters of apology and thanks, of dreams and daily routines, of birth announcements and birthday wishes-wonderful memories!

My day of cleaning and purging took a twist.  There was no way I could find myself parting with all of this history so I did what any self respecting hoarder would do.  I pushed the letters back down into the case and snapped the lid closed.   My boys will have to deal with the past after I pass.

Not in Kansas

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One of my favorite memories of driving Interstate 70 across Kansas was when we drove for miles and miles alongside fields of sunflowers.   For as far as the eye could see, there was a sea of yellow flowers.

After taking several Black Eyed Susan flower photos for their beautiful yellow color on my morning walk, I was surprised when I looked across a field and saw these sunflowers growing at the edge of someone’s garden with the old barn in the background.  That made me decide to grow some myself next year.

The old barns make for some interesting pictures, but they can also be unsightly when they start falling down.  This is one of my favorite barns to walk by.  I love the door slightly open, beckoning.  I’d love to sneak a peek inside, but it is someone else’s property.  Plus, the entire backside is falling down, so it’s definitely not safe.  Every year there is more plant growth taking over, which will one day weaken the front of the barn and the entire thing will fall down.

IMG_2637 (800x600)

Sadly, when these old barns fall down, they just lie there in a pile of rubble.  I wonder why people don’t take the time to clean up their property and can only guess because it’s a lot of hard work.  I suppose it’s a blessing that Mother Nature is always quick to take over what Man has abandoned.

The past few years I’ve traveled across Kansas anticipating the fields of sunflowers, I’ve been disappointed as they have been replaced with other crops-crop rotation or other crops that pay out more money?  For now, I have Kansas in my own back yard with these sunflowers to enjoy on my daily walk.

Dragonflies and Black Eyed Susans

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For whatever crazy, non-existent reason, I cannot seem to make the post on Tuesday, and I cannot figure out when the cut off is, so I’m squeezing in under the radar this morning.

After an extended period of company in and out since mid-June, I am for once enjoying peace and quiet.  I know I’ll get bored with the ticking of the clock after awhile, but for now it’s soothing as I sit here and write this post.

Gracing my hot, humid walk this morning were dragonflies and Black-eyed Susans  And for whatever God-gifted reason, when I took my country road walk last night and this morning, there was an obscene decrease in the amount of traffic that drove past.  So much so, that at first it seemed Twilight Zone eerie.  But then, my thoughts drifted and I started noting the little things along the way and became absorbed just listening to the insects buzzing around and enjoying the summertime flowers in bloom (though, I did get tired of flies pinging me and buzzing around my head).

Alone with my thoughts as I walked, my mind drifted to this writing blog and how much I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts around the world learning about life in their neck of the woods (I had to throw in that country idiom) inside and out of the classroom.  I’m a retired teacher but after reading so many wonderful teaching stories, I’m thinking about getting on the sub list this fall just to get back in the classroom with the kids.

The talent and creativity out there amazes and inspires me with every story I read.  Thank you to all that share little slices and thanks to those who occasionally take a peek at mine, too.