Slice of Heaven

IMG_6303 (800x600)

The very teeny tiniest slice of my day is a sliver of sadness that feels like at times, all consuming.  The power of unkind words can forever change one’s attitude regardless of how much one forgives.

The rest of the day was spent canoeing on the river-we have crystal clear water in our rivers.  It’s a place where the outside world is left behind-where we spend our time sitting or swimming in the water and fishing and listening to the multitude of bird songs.  And if we are really lucky, we will see a bald eagle-or at least hear the screeching of a young one.  They have established themselves along this waterway.

No communication with the outside world…just enjoying nature and letting the river wash away pain and worries.  It’s always refreshing and rejuvenating to get on the water.



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