Hottest Day of the Year

IMG_1785 (800x600)

The weatherman said today is going to be the hottest day of the year so far.  It is going to get up to 97-98 with a humi-temp of 105-106.  That’s a hot day.  And there are only 2 things to do in weather like that-stay inside with air conditioning or get outside in the water.

How appropriate that this is our first day to get on the river with the canoe.  Oh, we will sweat because we don’t float like most people.  We will put in at one point and paddle upstream for a mile or so and then take our time floating and fishing back down to where we started.  But we can hop into the crystal clear water at any time to cool off.  Sometimes, we take a break from fishing and just sit in the water enjoying an icy cold soda letting the water flow over us.

It will be refreshing to get on the water, fish for some bass or catfish, sit in the water, and search for some bald eagles that have moved into the area and have been nesting along the river the past few years.  A day filled with adventure…beats sitting inside all day!


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