Light of the Hummer

A friend gifted me a hummingbird feeder for my back porch to hang outside my kitchen window.  That location is too windy since I live on a hilltop, so I hung it off the front porch outside my living room window.  I have a pair of hummers that are getting more and more comfortable with this little tasty treat presented to them.

This inspired my story as I sit here looking out the window wondering which ‘slice’ to write about.  There is a hummer just sitting on top of the hanger holding the sweet juice looking out at the world from the hilltop.

I have learned that they do not like ants in their food.  As soon as those pesky insects discover this nectar, the birds will not light.  I’m trying the vaseline on the pole trick which works until the vaseline dries up, but am curious to know if anyone has a miracle remedy.

In the meantime, listen for that ‘hum’.  🙂



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