Magnificent Morning

IMG_6364 (640x427)

On Mother’s Day morning when I woke up, I stumbled down the hall to the kitchen to get my coffee and did a double take out my back window.  There stood two horses munching our grass.  I knew immediately, they had gotten out of their fence, but I played it up.  I yelled down the hallway to my husband, “Oh-my-gosh!  This is the best Mother’s Day present EVER.  I can’t believe you did this!”  He came down the hall with ‘the best’ perplexed expression on his face wondering what in the world I was talking about.  When he looked out the window he smiled and said, “I guess the grass IS greener on our side of the fence!”  🙂

We had no clue who the horses belonged to, but a snapshot posted on Facebook had our rural mail carrier instantly recognizing them.  With a quick text to the owner, they were relieved of several hours of worry and searching.  These one year old fillies wandered a mile down the road, skipping several other unfenced places, choosing ours to mosey onto.  🙂

Before the owner arrived, I was able to sit out on the deck and enjoy these fillies.  My favorite is when one pawed the hose container and stuck her nose in the  little basket in search of a tasty treat.

IMG_6367 (640x427)

It was a great way to start a day that only got better and better as it flew by.

IMG_6377 - Copy



  1. That last picture shows so much grace in their movements. I am glad these two decided to visit your property to give you some unexpected joy…but glad their owners were able to be found.


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