Home, Sweet Home

It’s just 4 walls with a roof on top, but after camping 7 nights in a tent with temperatures dropping below freezing every night, I was grateful for my box.  Normally I sleep with the windows open, but some colder air blew down from the north last night, so I closed the windows and was thankful for my solid 4 walls.  I didn’t turn on the heater (after all. it IS springtime), so the house dipped down to a nippy 63 degrees overnight, which made crawling out from under my layers of quilts an unpleasant thought.  For those first few minutes just waking up from dreamland, I laid there with the sun sneaking through the mini blinds, reminiscing that a week ago, I was snuggled in my sleeping bag in a tent with the temperature 30+ degrees colder, and thinking how ironic that I woke up thinking how thankful I was to be in my house on this cold morning when yesterday my art friends and I did an art journal prompt about the proverb of a woman and her house.

IMG_1203 (640x471)


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