Return to Sender

Slice of life  I love mail.  I love writing letters, receiving letters, and surprising people with letters.  I love the thrill of finding a personal card or letter in my mailbox, and get giddy when I send off a letter hoping the recipient will be as excited to find the snail snuggled in their mailbox.

Yesterday, I went out to the mailbox to get the mail and found the saddest piece of snail mail of all.  A card I sent to a friend recovering from a broken hip was returned to me because she checked out earlier than expected.  It was great news that she was released from the facility early but sad because she missed my cheery card.  I’ll save it for her until she gets home.  Perhaps I’ll put it in a new envelope and resend it so she can find the snail in her own mailbox.

IMG_0454 (640x480)

It’s a catchy little song but my least favorite mail words…”Return to Sender.”



  1. It’s amazing how a hand-written card is still such a day brightener! This reminds me I should really send more cards!


  2. Initially when I read the words “she checked out” for an instant I thought she had died. Glad to hear that she actually checked out of the care facility to recuperate at home.

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  3. I’ve received a few cards in the mail thinking, “That handwriting looks familiar”, but there is no return address. When I open it I realize it was my handwriting on the card. We’d addressed envelopes at the shower or event I;d just recently attended and this was the thank you card.

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  4. I had a thank you note that I had written to a student returned because it had no postage. I don’t if I forgot to put a stamp on it, or the stamp fell off. The kicker was it too TWO MONTHS to get back to me, and I only sent it one town over!

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