My Slice SOL16 Day 31

IMG_0364 (640x480)

Hello!  I hope you have had a fantastic day.  Me?  I started out the day standing out here in the rain, which actually was quite refreshing-washing off the dust that collects in my fur.   Cars and trucks pass by all day leaving me in a cloud of dust, so any rain showers really are appreciated.  They wash dogs…but not horses.  Plus, when it rains it packs down the dirt on the road and for a day or two-no dust.

I watch the world go by from my side of the fence.  Mostly it’s just cars and trucks passing by up and down the road-some several times in one day-back and forth, much like I trod a path along this fence.  Every now and then I see this lady walk by with her camera.  I always try to give her a good pose…never know when it might be my lucky break and I become famous.  She has a dog with her sometimes, though I don’t think it’s her dog because he never obeys her.  He used to try and come on my side of the fence and chase me.  Hah-I showed him.  I just stared him down and chased him back under the fence.  Silly dog to even think he could take me on, even if he is part blue-heeler herd dog.

Now about that camera lady.  Today I heard her telling her walking buddy about this writing challenge she was participating in and how much fun she had writing every single day.  She was thankful to her friend who introduced her to Slice of Life and is going to continue participating in the weekly challenge.  As they walked further along, I barely made out her words blowing back to me on the wind…enjoyed reading…talented writers…stories…frustrated…couldn’t leave… comments…

The storm clouds moved on mid-day and the sun popped out with a beautiful breeze, a perfect spring day.  All day long I bask in the warm sunshine and nibble on the lush, spring grass listening to the birds chirping all around me.  Some even land on my fence post looking me in the eye and tweeting like I can understand them.  I just nicker and mosey further on down the fence, look out across the country side and think,  “The grass is quite green on my side of the fence.”




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