Snippets SOL16Day25

Grandson to his cousin when heading to our place, “My grandma and grandpa live on a farm.  They don’t have any animals and they don’t have any crops, but they have a tractor.”

At the restaurant two days before coming when they had catfish, “This catfish is good but no where as good as the way my grandpa fries it.”

They arrive and head straight for the cookie jar, “Yes, you made cookies for us.”

“Grandpa, you make the best fried fish EVER!”

On a sunset walk last night, “Grandma, did you and Grandpa build all of the barb wire fence and the fence in the back forty?”  At the answer of yes he said, “You are really good.”

“Yum, I love farm breakfasts with homemade biscuits, jelly, sausage and eggs.”

“Tractor ride…tractor ride…can the tractor come out of the barn now so we can drive it?” (Note: we give very safe, cautious tractor rides on a flat surface.)

“Awesome…roasted marshmallows inside by the fireplace!”

“I love playing cards with you guys!”

“Can I have another cookie?”  (of course)  🙂

“I love Easter egg hunts where we read the clue to find the next egg!” (We had them running all over this place back and forth, up and down hills..burning off energy before their drive home).

Through big boo-hoo tears, “Ahhh, why do we have to go?  We just got here yesterday and now we have to leave today.  I don’t want to leave yet!”  (We were a quick visit at the end of a mini spring break road trip.  They usually stay a few days at the minimum, so the over-night visit took the 4 year old by surprise.

But summer will be here soon and they can come down for an extended period of time.

A whirlwind visit and we enjoyed every second.  Taking just a half hour to sit and catch my breath before I get ready for the next round that arrives tonight.  (Didn’t work this year for both families to be here for the holiday weekend.)



  1. Three of my 4 grandparents died before I was born and I lived far from the one remaining grandparent. I am always jealous of people who know their grandparents. Fortunately, this little man knows how lucky he is!

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