Sip and Surf SOL16Day23

And where does my coffee journey take me this morning?

The house is quiet but for the ticking of the clock and the whirling wind whipping against the windows on a dark cloudy morning.  I took a very long sunset walk last night so I don’t feel guilty with my slow start today.  My walk ended just as the sun was setting in a painted watercolor sky and the moon was rising shrouded in a peachy colored mist of clouds.

As I sip my coffee and surf the internet, there is nothing interesting on the news feed page that had not already been covered by the TV news,  no personal emails to read, and no fun social media posts to read about family or friends.  Like this morning’s sky, it’s a dull grey world out there in cyberspace which has my mind feeling dull as well.

But in all of my surfing I came across one quote that spoke to me that I think will be the focal point of my day so thought I’d share it.  “God wants you to know that there are times when you are called to be of service.  Who could use a bit of kindness and love today?  Who would benefit from a phone call, a visit, or an offer of assistance?  You can be an angel in human disguise today.”

I feel challenged to make a few phone calls and write a letter or two…how about you?

***Once I posted my story, I then enjoyed reading several posts here this morning but am very frustrated that I cannot leave comments on anyone’s ‘blogspot’ blogs because it says I have an incorrect URL.



  1. I like it–it makes me think of something else I heard recently: “Be kinder than you need to be today.” Isn’t that tough? (I do not have the blogspot problem that I know of, but what a pain!! :/)

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