First Day SOL16 Day20

On this official first day of spring, I  was whistling Dixie since we did not get the snow that was hitting central and northern parts of our state.  My husband and I set out for an early morning walk in the sunshine even though it was cold enough to don earmuffs and gloves.  When we got to the furthest point from our house (about 3 miles away) we noticed an ominous, dark grey cloud fast approaching.  Within 10 minutes, ‘that cloud’ was not raining down on us but SNOWING on us.  Old Man Winter found us.  And he did not send forth little flurries but big, wet snowflakes that fell down around us so thick it made it hard to see any distance.  It snowed for about a half an hour as we made our way home enjoying this  brief walk in Winter Wonderland.  Like a switch turning off, the snow stopped, the sun popped back out and the rest of our walk was spent listening  to water drops falling from the trees and hitting the ground.  And the best part…was the fresh scent of a spring rain in the air.  She’s here…just around…that…corner.



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