Back Again SOL16 Day19

He blew in last night!

Earlier I wrote about Spring’s arrival with its warm, breezy weather.  I thought for sure Spring had pushed Old Man Winter on his way back up to the Arctic Circle until next year, but he is persistent at dragging his feet.  He has his cheeks puffed up and is blowing long, hard swirling gusts of cold air through our area.  Doesn’t this just look blustery outside?

IMG_6281 (640x427)

Further evidence from my perch on the couch that it is cold out there is the choppy water I can see on the pond.   (The temperature is 40 but at the moment it feels like 33.)

So, I will do the proverbial procrastinating and save my walk for this afternoon in the hope that it will warm up.

In the meantime the only noise in the house is the whirring of the refrigerator-we have always had loud refrigerators, my husband is out running (he does NOT procrastinate…on anything), the TV is turned off, and I’m sipping on a cup of hot coffee with my feet propped up on the coffee table (is it ever used for ‘coffee’?)  Shouldn’t it be called the foot table, because that is its main function in most houses?

And the only noise outside-powerful gusts of wind that sound cold.  He might be back, but he can’t touch me.  My coffee’s gone so I guess I’ll get started on some ‘Spring Cleaning’ and really show that Old Guy his time is up…go home!




  1. So much about this I love: your personification of the seasons, the contrast between you and your husband, and your determination to start spring in spite of the weather.


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