It’s Friday SOL16Day18

It’s Friday when workers get giddy that the weekend is fast upon us.  And while most have home chores to do, it’s still time away from the J-O-B (unless you are a teacher in which case, you are taking your job home with you-grading papers.)  For us retired folks, it is just another day that blends in with the others.  For the wealthy aristocrats of yesteryear,  the word was foreign,  as the Downton Abbey Dowager once said, “What’s a weekend?”

Shortly after I wrote the above paragraph, I took a break to do a few things and noticed the township grated our gravel road and BLIP!  Just like that-no phone line and no internet for the entire morning and afternoon.  It turns out they cut our line in at least 4 places.  Why not bury the line deeper you wonder?  Because I think it’s the phone company’s way of creating work for their employees.

Cut off from the outside world, it was the perfect time to set out on a long walk.  My husband and I were gone all winter (took a turn at being Winter Texans (they call us Snowbirds in Florida).  We are the only ones that walk the country roads and pick up aluminum cans, and being gone all winter, has left us quite the job.  We have filled up one of those huge curbside trash cans in just 2 walks (9 miles the other day and 4.5 today).  It’s time to make a metal run…easy retirement income.  🙂   It’s like getting paid to take a walk.

And now, my feet are up, there’s a cozy fire burning and it’s time to watch a movie on Netflix.  Let the weekend begin.


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