These Feet Were Made for Walking-SOL16 Day16

…and that’s just what they’ve done for several decades, now.

My husband and I have been walking since we met in college-most all of our dates were walks around town or down to the river to watch the barges pass by.  And we’ve been walking ever since.  Whether we’re walking and hiking in the mountains, on the beach, on the country roads,  in a park or neighborhood; we always enjoy our time together because we can talk without interruptions.  Absolutely no cell phones accompany us…yes, we leave home without them.

This morning we set out for an early morning walk and kept on walking until we cranked out 10 miles.  This walk was on the country gravel road which desperately needs to be graded since it is full of massive pot holes from previous rainstorms.  The blessing to that horrible road is that the cars can’t drive their normal maniac speed without tearing up the front end alignment, so we weren’t left in a trail of dust when one passed by.

Today is my very own special day of the year,  and I can’t think of a better way I could have spent it than to go for a long walk in the country with my favorite person.  Life is good.



  1. Walking and talking is one of the best strategies to make sure that there are no distractions or interruptions when communicating. I am impressed that you walked 10 miles.

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