A Nothing Special Day SOL16 Day15

Nothing special happened today to inspire a story, so I’m having to think really hard for something to write about.

I took an early morning walk that turned out to be a really nice walk on the country gravel road because very few cars passed by.  Two dogs that are a bit aggressive were subdued and 3 roosters walked along their fence greeting me with their cock-a-doodle-doo.  The Bradford Pears were in full bloom against a clear blue sky.  With the comfortable temperature and the birds singing their songs, I was lured to keep walking and walking and walking enjoying the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

I was determined to stay outside, so I wrote a couple of letters out on the back deck in the sunshine and then washed the cars inside and out.

I cooked and we ate dinner with a beautiful spring breeze blowing through the kitchen.

Another favorite part of my day was meeting with a couple of friends for our weekly art class.  I always enjoy visiting with them and exploring different styles of art.

As I reflect back on my day I realize I’ve been blessed and my nothing special day turned out to be a pretty special day after all.



  1. Describe some more of this beautiful day for me! I live in the north and it is JUST starting to warm up–we’re a few days away from all that much outdoor-ing. I would love to hear about your view from your letter-writing place. (And well done you, writing letters! I love to write them because I love to get them!)

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    • Thank you for the lovely comment. I LOVE receiving letters and I love to write them. I’m down to just a couple of snail mail pen pals. My view off the back deck was looking out across the rolling fescue field fast turning green. And my treat was watching 3 deer pop across the field and hop the neighbor’s fence into the woods. Your warm days will be there soon. 🙂

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