To Write or Not to Write SOL16 Day14

I am totally exhausted after an action packed weekend of family fun, and  I’ve had major sinus infection pain all day and would love some relief.  I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and it was canceled at the last moment.  Bummer.

But as tired as I am, I could not resist a short sunset walk.  After a weekend of rain and fog, it was nice to see some sunshine today and enjoy the sunset.

I took a picture of this guy hanging out in the back yard.  I love owls and was thrilled to get to see him close up.  Look at those eyes.

IMG_0106 (640x480)

And look at all of those feathers and the camouflage of this barred owl peering straight at me through the branches.

IMG_0105 (640x480)

Though tired and exhausted, I’ve enjoyed reading several posts this evening.  Even though I didn’t have much energy to write, I was able to share a cool picture of this owl, and I’m glad to be participating in Slice of Life.



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