Short but Sweet SOL16 Day12

Today is my grandson’s birthday, so up the highway we traveled to spend the weekend with him.  This morning he crawled into bed with me for “a birthday snuggle.”  Does it get any sweeter than that?

I love birthday parties because I get to act like a kid again.  I’m sure I will be sore by tomorrow but for today, I plan to keep up with this young one’s energy matching him step for step shooting hoops, playing catch, pitching to him while he bats.  At least I’ll burn some calories but most of all I’ll enjoy this quality time.



  1. Great day, I’m sure!

    How did the batting practice go? For some reason, it made me think of an album we had a long time ago. Between songs, there was a story about a boy and his grandma. The grandma was pitching while he practiced batting, and the boy kept saying, “You missed my bat. You missed my bat again!”

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