Soft Glow SOL16 Day 11

There’s a soft pink glow on the horizon as the sun begins to wake up the world.  We have to take our car to the Honda dealer to address the SRS airbag light that came on shortly after Honda replaced the airbag for a recall.  Will it be stressful…or not?

From there, we are traveling (up to the big city) today  to see our families, and I’m hoping for smooth sailing without traffic jams.  Will it be stressful…or not?

We live in the country so when we head up to the city, we have to stop at both our kids’ houses and both our parents’ houses.  We love visiting with everyone, but it seems like all we do is flit from one to the other with very little time to completely relax and enjoy any one family.  Will it be stressful or not?

I’m hoping that soft pink glow will follow me all weekend long.


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