Character SOL16 Day9


When houses had character.  This is one of my favorite country houses in town.  It has the old-fashioned wrap around front porch with a grey wooden plank floor, and I love the eave’s design over the front porch and over the side door of the house.

My hair has character.  One side naturally flips inward and the other side flips outward, so any styling is very frustrating for this symmetrical minded person that likes everything balanced.  I decided once I retired not to fight it and let my hair just do its own thing.   It’s a simple thing that relieves a lot of frustration, which is why I wanted to let it just grow. and ponytail it.  But, I compromised and kept the length but cut the bangs the way I normally do.  Long and straight makes me look older and I need all the youthful help I can get.

This huge midwest rain storm has character, too.  Now this morning we ARE going to get 6″ or more of rain.  Back and forth we go with the forecast and we still have not received a drop of rain.  Hah!  Until I decided to squeeze in a walk this morning.  I got my 3 miles in even though it started misting and drizzling.  By the time I finished my walk I was wet and the drizzle quit.  They say it’s still coming, but seriously, “Where is the rain?”





  1. I love the character in that house, I bet it has built in book shelves!

    I’d never thought of comparing that to the character of our hair.

    Mine is like the weather, unpredictable.


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