No Blues, Lots of Grey SOL16 Day8

Along with a large portion of the midwest, we are gearing up for some torrential rainfall over the next few days.  This might be it for a colorful sunrise for the rest of this week.  I enjoyed my cup of coffee watching this one begin with a small slice of pink on the horizon and change to blues and grays as the sun rose behind the clouds.

Each month in our online art class we choose a new mantra to focus on.  This month I used the same one as the instructor “Renew” because it fits perfect in my life at this time.  I love the quote she used by Goethe:  “We must change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves otherwise we harden.”

The hardest thing for people is change and moving forward.  Downton Abbey did a great job showing how people resist or accept change and how it affects them.  (I hate to see it end but this was the perfect time.)  A big change in my life was retiring from teaching (and moving from the suburbs to the country-a double whammy) and going from having a hundred and one things to do in a day to one or two.  At the beach I did a lot of walking and thinking about things in my life I would like to change, renew and rejuvenate.  So many of the things I love to do got put on the back burner while raising family and teaching (to this day I still can’t call it a ‘job’ because I enjoyed every single day in the classroom so it didn’t feel like work.)  No two days were ever the same. 🙂

I love art and thanks to my friend, I am engaged in a couple of online art classes learning some new lettering and media techniques and enjoying the company of two wonderful ladies as we create.  I also enjoy writing and thanks to this same friend, she shared this writer’s website.  This has been so refreshing to read other people’s stories and read the comments posted on my own.  I wrote with my students when they wrote in class.  (Professionally speaking-to model.  Personally speaking-because I loved to and it gave me time to refresh my spirit and energy.)  Most writers love to share and the hardest thing in class was allowing every student the time to share.  But we came up with some strategies and I believe many of my students moved on from my class with a love for writing.

In this month of change, renew, rejuvenate; I am trying to decide what to do with my hair (I know it’s a trivial thing to fret about, but we all know about ‘bad hair days’.)  I have a haircut appointment today.  I have an urge to just let it grow, particularly the bangs-my last hurrah at youthful long hair and the ability to pull it all back in a ponytail when I want it off my face (the bangs are almost there).  But my hair is about 50% grey (though it lightened up at the beach) and hangs more limp when it is long.  What to do?  I have until 3:00 to decide.



  1. I haven’t had bangs in years, like 10 or more years. I decided I’d give them a try again and hated them. Only because they touched my face and I hate things touching my face. lol I say grow them out!


  2. I love reading your words. As I sit here during lunch/conference period your words helped provide the rejuvenation and refreshment I needed today. Like you, I love teaching, though there are so many days when I feel like I’m not doing enough…

    I’ve been teaching for 12 years (officially only 10 given my maternity leaves and a stint working part-time), and sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it to retirement. Though I’m sure I’ll experience similar feelings of uncertainty at all the time I have.

    Thanks again for sharing, and I would love to know what you decided with your hair! 🙂


    • Thanks for responding, Amanda. I enjoyed your comment and wish you a happy afternoon. There are always ‘those days’ but if you focus on the special aha moments, it dims those frustrating days.


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