Unpacking SOL16 Day 2

When I woke up on my first morning back at home and looked out the window, it was still wintry looking with all of the bare trees, but it was nice to see my pond filled to the rim.  Lots of room for the fish when they start moving about after their long winter inactivity.

My husband and I are like a well oiled machine when we work together.  Everything is team work around here whether it’s indoor chores or outdoors.  We had our trip unpacked in record time, even creating a tote for items that we won’t need here and must go with us next year.  And so I can find it next year, my Beach List is in the tote as well.  Now if I can just remember to look in there when I start writing my list for the trip.

And then, we were back in the car for our shopping trip (30 miles to the next town) to restock the pantry and house and o that list-several quarts of oil.  🙂

After completing a long list of chores, I decided to stretch my legs on my old familiar washboard gravel road.  The air was blustery and I was bundled up, but it felt good to be out walking after the long car ride yesterday.  My surprise treat was finding jonquils bursting forth their yellow bonnets through the dead leaves. Spring is ‘just around the corner’.


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