Tweet Tweet SOL16 Day 5

I stepped out on the front porch this morning to watch a new day dawn to the tune of twittering birds waking up spreading the word that the sun was rising and a new day was beginning.

It was a cool, crisp morning so I donned my purple earmuffs and gloves for my walk in the refuge.  As I began my walk, I heard the woodpeckers hard work resonating through the woods.  It’s a peaceful way to start the day walking through our local nature preserve.  I didn’t go far when I found myself in the way of (I think) mating Cardinals that did not seem to be too happy with my interruption, so I slipped by as quick as I could and eventually startled up some wood ducks forcing them to take flight off the water.

After a long walk, I was ready to go home and start my chores-mowing the yard.  Yes, it’s that time already.  Believe it or not, above the whir of the mower I could hear birds screeching that sounded like cats meowing.  I actually stopped to look for the cats…but it was definitely birds raising a ruckus while remaining invisible.

Before I began my chores I popped a turkey in the oven…the only bird that did not get to enjoy the outdoor freedom of his counterparts but did get to waste away the day slow roasting in its juices.  I always enjoy a roasted turkey when there is no hustle and bustle that goes with the holidays.  It was a simple delicious meal of turkey, stuffing, and fresh green beans.

As the sun started to dip behind the trees, I stepped out on the back porch to take in the last few minutes of the day and that is when I realized this was a day filled with birds singing their songs, “Tweet, Tweet,”  and I was almost sure I heard a faint “Gobble, Gobble” way off in the woods…or was that my tummy?


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