Road Trip SOL16 Day1

(I’m not sure if it counts to post days 1-4 late.  I wrote these in my personal journal on the days of and want to put them here mainly for me.)

Road trips are always fun, and this one really was because we tried out the Winter Texan lifestyle at the beach.  (We are retired Texas teachers that moved back to the Missouri countryside, but do not like the winters!)  Three months of blissful beach pleasure walking the tide line barefoot, fishing in the surf bundled up against the cool wind, or sitting on the beach watching the world go by…I miss it already.

Thirteen hours in the car driving home means one thing (aside from reminiscing good times)-we had lots of time to make lists.  We analyzed our overstuffed car full of items and clothes that went untouched and made a list for next year (oh yeah, we want to go back) of what to bring and not bring.  And then there was the outdoor farm chore list, the indoor list, the food shopping list.

The trip was uneventful which means no car problems or traffic nightmares, but very productive.  Now comes the gleeful pleasure of crossing things off the lists as they are completed.  Getting this blog up and running for SOL…check!


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