Grease Monkey Gopher SOL16 Day 3

No sunrise photos, running or walking on the country road this morning.  Today was oil changing day before the rainy and cold weather sets in later today and tomorrow.   To speed up the process, I was the gopher girl so that my husband would not have to scootch in and out from under the car.  Anyone who changes their own oil knows exactly what my valuable role was.  We had to change the oil in both cars and the truck today, while the tractor, riding lawn mower, and push mower will be done on another day-soon.

It was 29-30 degrees so I bundled up with long johns and a couple of shirts and sweat shirts with a couple of pair of socks on my feet and my toes STILL froze.  At least I wasn’t lying on the concrete floor…poor hubby…he’s tough!

We both survived.  There was no yelling or tears…even though I had a learning curve of getting the old oil from the pan poured into the old plastic oil bottles…with several spills.  I did make a couple of observations and was told, “Boy that sounds familiar.”  (My dad lives on through me with his quirky observations! )  🙂

And now…we are off to the barn to get some wood for a couple of fires today and tomorrow.  Eventually I’ll get back inside to put away my Thanksgiving AND Christmas decorations.  At least the sun is shining right now!  Love the sunshine!

And I did get back inside and even made time to bake a cherry pie.  Yummm…no homemade pies while we were at the beach, so this was extra tasty!


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