Sunset Sol16 Day 30

IMG_0351 (640x480)

This picture was from my sunset walk last night.  I just loved the way the sun was shining through the opening and down the hill…kind of mystical.  It looks like it could be a time travel  portal.  There will be no sunset walk tonight because it is raining and thundering outside for the rest of the day..

But, that’s OK because we got out this morning trying to beat the rain and took a long (8 mile) walk in the refuge.  We beat the rain but not the gnats.  They whooped up on us and were a nuisance as they were dive bombing for our noses and mouths.  Blah.  Aside from the pesky gnats, we saw some deer and lots of ducks and squirrels.  I looked for The Owl but couldn’t find him.  In spite of the pesky gnats, it was still a beautiful walk through the woods.

A Slice of Pie SOL16Day29

There were two pieces of blueberry pie left from the weekend that just got devoured for dessert today.   I use the microwave for very few things, but the number one thing it is greatest for is warming up a piece of pie just to the point the filling starts bubbling on the sides.  This is the perfect temperature for a scoop of ice cream (or whip cream) to slightly melt as I eat the pie.  I am a warm pie person (actually I like any dessert warmed up).  How about you-do you like your pie-warmed or cold?

Ball Cap to Fire Hat Sol16 Day 28

We wear hats for all occasions: sports, fashion, sun protection, bad hair days..the list goes on.  I don’t like to wear hats, but I’ve accepted them (as I’ve aged) mostly for sun protection.

The value of a hat is not realized until that hat is not on top of the head doing its job.  I am adamant about wearing a hat (a ball cap)  when we are burning in the woods to protect my forehead from the fire’s radiating heat and my hair from falling embers.  We had a big clearing job this morning and the fire wasn’t burning long when I felt the heat on my forehead while I was tossing limbs onto the flames and that’s when I realized I had forgotten my hat.  I don’t make that mistake too often and know I’ll be more conscientious on the next burn.

(I thought this would be my little slice today as I sat in the woods writing while the fire was burning down.) But…there was even more adventure to this fire.

A few hours later we saw white smoke rising up in the direction we burned and ‘knew’.  We were like trained firemen responding to an alarm.  I grabbed everything I’d need-cell phone, ponytail rubber band, HAT, long sleeved shirt, gloves and boots.  In less than a minute we were out the door zipping across the field in the truck to the barn to get the tractor so we could get to the far back corner of the property where the fire was burning.  I dressed and got ready “on the run”.  The fire had spread through our woods and under the fence to the neighbor’s field.  A minute or two longer and it would have swept across his dry grassy field.  We were able to contain the fire and put it out before the fire truck could get back to help.  The Brush Fire truck finally made it out there and sprayed some smoldering logs, but we fought that fire by ourselves.

And now I sit here absolutely spent-tired and exhausted as my body comes down off of that adrenaline surge.  Who knows what out of shape muscles I will feel tomorrow from all of the raking and pounding of flames.  This is a slice of day I could have done without, but I’m thankful we are safe and no harm was done.

Two Days Gone Sol16 Day 27

Pure exhaustion equals a weekend of a whole lot of family fun.  I sliced more than one pie this weekend and as I did I thought how my weekend was a slice of fun, a slice of games, a slice of egg hunts, laughing, cooking and baking, feasting, kids playing and a slice of pure joy.  How can I write about just one slice?

I missed a couple of days of writing but hope to be back in the groove tomorrow.

Snippets SOL16Day25

Grandson to his cousin when heading to our place, “My grandma and grandpa live on a farm.  They don’t have any animals and they don’t have any crops, but they have a tractor.”

At the restaurant two days before coming when they had catfish, “This catfish is good but no where as good as the way my grandpa fries it.”

They arrive and head straight for the cookie jar, “Yes, you made cookies for us.”

“Grandpa, you make the best fried fish EVER!”

On a sunset walk last night, “Grandma, did you and Grandpa build all of the barb wire fence and the fence in the back forty?”  At the answer of yes he said, “You are really good.”

“Yum, I love farm breakfasts with homemade biscuits, jelly, sausage and eggs.”

“Tractor ride…tractor ride…can the tractor come out of the barn now so we can drive it?” (Note: we give very safe, cautious tractor rides on a flat surface.)

“Awesome…roasted marshmallows inside by the fireplace!”

“I love playing cards with you guys!”

“Can I have another cookie?”  (of course)  🙂

“I love Easter egg hunts where we read the clue to find the next egg!” (We had them running all over this place back and forth, up and down hills..burning off energy before their drive home).

Through big boo-hoo tears, “Ahhh, why do we have to go?  We just got here yesterday and now we have to leave today.  I don’t want to leave yet!”  (We were a quick visit at the end of a mini spring break road trip.  They usually stay a few days at the minimum, so the over-night visit took the 4 year old by surprise.

But summer will be here soon and they can come down for an extended period of time.

A whirlwind visit and we enjoyed every second.  Taking just a half hour to sit and catch my breath before I get ready for the next round that arrives tonight.  (Didn’t work this year for both families to be here for the holiday weekend.)

The Kids are Coming

The kids are coming!  We live 3 hours from our kids and grandkids, so when they come down it’s a big deal.  They make the proverbial trip from the city to the country to see Grandma and Grandpa.

Even though it’s Easter, I don’t want the Dust Bunnies floating around, so the house is somewhat cleaned even though I’d rather be in the kitchen cooking and baking.The pantry and fridge are stocked with everyone’s favorites.  And I’ve gotten down all the games everyone likes to play.

Grandpa has a fire going in the fireplace because the kids don’t have one at home and enjoy lying on the floor by the fireside.

Gotta go…they’re here!

Sip and Surf SOL16Day23

And where does my coffee journey take me this morning?

The house is quiet but for the ticking of the clock and the whirling wind whipping against the windows on a dark cloudy morning.  I took a very long sunset walk last night so I don’t feel guilty with my slow start today.  My walk ended just as the sun was setting in a painted watercolor sky and the moon was rising shrouded in a peachy colored mist of clouds.

As I sip my coffee and surf the internet, there is nothing interesting on the news feed page that had not already been covered by the TV news,  no personal emails to read, and no fun social media posts to read about family or friends.  Like this morning’s sky, it’s a dull grey world out there in cyberspace which has my mind feeling dull as well.

But in all of my surfing I came across one quote that spoke to me that I think will be the focal point of my day so thought I’d share it.  “God wants you to know that there are times when you are called to be of service.  Who could use a bit of kindness and love today?  Who would benefit from a phone call, a visit, or an offer of assistance?  You can be an angel in human disguise today.”

I feel challenged to make a few phone calls and write a letter or two…how about you?

***Once I posted my story, I then enjoyed reading several posts here this morning but am very frustrated that I cannot leave comments on anyone’s ‘blogspot’ blogs because it says I have an incorrect URL.

Turtles and Fudge SOL16Day22

IMG_0194 (640x481)

Sipping on my morning cup of coffee with a piece of peanut butter fudge melting in my mouth.  Now that’s the way to start the day.  It has been forever since I’ve had peanut butter fudge..any fudge for that matter.  My mom used to make really good chocolate fudge when I was a kid, but fudge (or any candy) is something I never got into making.  And I don’t know why.  A friend made this yesterday and shared it with me.

Do you have a favorite mug?  A mug that makes your coffee or tea taste better than any other cup?  I fell in love with this coffee cup when I visited my sister in Hawaii.  And bless her heart, when I was packing up to return home she said, “You can keep the cup!”  And I have enjoyed hundreds of cups of coffee and tea in this cup ever since.  I love the little sea turtle on the inside of the cup that greets me after the first few drinks.  The best part, is I think of my sister every morning when I drink my coffee.

The wind is howling outside today, so I’m glad today is my inside chore day.  Between the coffee and fudge I’m energized and ready to start.  Enjoy today with a beverage in your favorite mug or glass.  (I have a favorite soda and iced tea glass, too.)

First Day SOL16 Day20

On this official first day of spring, I  was whistling Dixie since we did not get the snow that was hitting central and northern parts of our state.  My husband and I set out for an early morning walk in the sunshine even though it was cold enough to don earmuffs and gloves.  When we got to the furthest point from our house (about 3 miles away) we noticed an ominous, dark grey cloud fast approaching.  Within 10 minutes, ‘that cloud’ was not raining down on us but SNOWING on us.  Old Man Winter found us.  And he did not send forth little flurries but big, wet snowflakes that fell down around us so thick it made it hard to see any distance.  It snowed for about a half an hour as we made our way home enjoying this  brief walk in Winter Wonderland.  Like a switch turning off, the snow stopped, the sun popped back out and the rest of our walk was spent listening  to water drops falling from the trees and hitting the ground.  And the best part…was the fresh scent of a spring rain in the air.  She’s here…just around…that…corner.